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Indulge yourself, take your funny bone on an audio quasi-romance with our DELUXE UNValentines edition!

A queer POC take on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, rainy ramen with Cardiac Radio’s melancholy Cain McCain, Ace Cake decisions with the thoughtful Brett and Speed Dating secret mic with hipster Micarlah. Fans of Episode 1 will recognise Viqqi Vagrant who thankfully stepped in to present the Valentines Horror(Horror Horror)Scopes at short notice when our Valentines Astrologist Sooth-Saying Sally unluckily contracted Tinselitis. (Don’t worry, she reckons she’ll be fine..) Content notes and Credits below.

Some characters convey judgmental language about physical appearances.
References to alcohol use.

The UnValentines Edition is a mixture of Improv and Original Comedy Sketches by The Quiet Queers Qlub, with the exception of several short excerpts from Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice” (1813).

Voices: UrieJo, Wil der Ness, The Mollusc Dimension.

Music: Improvised and performed by Wil der Ness (ukulele)and The Mollusc Dimension (keys/ piano)

Exerpts from:
Sonatinas Op. 88 no. 1 and Op. 60 no. 3 by Kuhlau (1786 – 1832)

Edited by The Mollusc Dimension with assistance from Wil der Ness and UrieJo.

Broken Toaster Radio

Unique Queer Takeover. Spoof TV & Radio Improv Sketches performed live by intersectional feminist UK-based QTPOC + allies, recorded on a broken toaster from outer space, at the end of 2018. This is our very first project of this kind. We hope you love it as much as we do. Please support us by listening, and if you like it, follow on the platforms you use, and share with people who you think will like it. Any favourite characters or moments? Do drop us a line/ add comments.

For Content Notes, see below.

00:01 – Welcome

00:18 – Soup Opera

00:42 – Cult Band Rockumentary (Part 1)

02:52 – Dog Sheep

03:02 – Killer Turnips (spoof-horror)

05:16 – Specialist Speciality

06:23 – Three Piece Sauna

08:10 – Health Show (Tinsilitis)

09:26 – Craft Show

09:31 – Money for Nothing

12:24 – Health Show Usurper

15:25 – More Money for Nothing

16:22 – Public Service Announcement

More About Quiet Queers Qlub

We grew up on comedy.. but there was nobody like us on TV or radio. So, for our first episode, we are spoofing well-known TV and Radio genres. While at first, this may not seem very “radical”, actually for POC, QTPOC and non conforming queers, it has been an incredibly challenge to find our voices. Cis heteronormative white people have played trans/ poc characters for centuries, while non-conforming individuals and their narratives have been and continue to be side-lined in so many ways. Episode One of Quiet Queers Qlub is a starting point for reclaiming space.

For future episodes, we plan to “drop the masks” (sharing and discussing aspects of our experiences which include growing up queer/ poc/ non-conforming), as well as picking out random character/sketch ideas from our ever-growing “Improv Idea Jar”. Further hilarious characters long subjected to silencing /marginalisation invisibility will EMERGE SOON!

While we love a good laugh, aspects of straight white cis het comedy continue to ignore or show hostility towards women/ LGBTQIA+ people and other marginalised people. We decided to create a safer space to express ourselves with spontaneous improv and put this online to share with and inspire. We hope you will join us and the growing band of intersectional feminist comedy-makers.

In our editing, we have tried to consider aspects of inclusiveness. If you have any issues listening to our podcast, do get in touch with a mindful message.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support!

Please listen, follow, and share.

All the zest,

Quiet Queers Qlub


These moments are all in “Killer Turnips” which is from 3:02-5:15.

Swearing: Two instances of the word “b—–d”.

Physical Violence: Context – Killer Turnips have attacked humans. The humans fight back.

Some spooky comedy horror moments and atmospheric spoof horror feels.